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Family dynamics and conflict

"My dad always regretted not harmonizing things with my grandfather before he passed away. I do not want to have the same regrets."

"Our decisions have always been made with the best intentions, yet recently, there’s been a growing sense of disconnect. Some members feel their opinions are undervalued, leading to quiet frustrations and avoidance."

"I hold a senior executive position, while my older siblings work in a managerial role. This hierarchy has blurred the lines between our professional and personal relationships, leading to tension."

Purpose, Value and Relationship with money

"As a parent, I'm concerned about how our lifestyle will influence my 12 and 15-year-olds' outlook on life. I worked hard for this lifestyle and want my kids to enjoy it. But now I'm concerned of their understanding of wealth and the value of money."

"I've accomplished all my major goals; I have the executive position, my car collection and amazing lavish vacations. It was amazing to work towards them. But now that I have it all, why do I have this feeling of emptiness?"

"I have been diagnosed with a major illness and have an overwhelming amount of plans that need to be put into place. I've always been healthy and never expected something like this to happen."

Governance structures

"It seems roles have become muddled. Family members hold positions without a clear understanding of their responsibilities or how they fit into the larger business strategy. This ambiguity has led to overlaps in work, inefficiencies, and, at times, conflict over who has the authority to make decisions."

"Our business has grown much over the years, and with it, so has our family. We have members spanning multi-generations, each having a different way of looking at things. It’s as if there’s a gap between us that we don’t know how to bridge."

"When my husband joined our family, he was uncertain about his role within the family enterprise. As he continued to maintain an independent career and not directly involved in the business, he has faced ongoing uncertainty about his place in the family dynamic. Even after 15 years, he continues to seek clarity on how he best fits into our family enterprise."

Gain insights into the common issues and concerns faced by enterprising families

Challenges: Shared by Enterprising Families

Estate Planning

“Our youngest son, a successful self-made entrepreneur himself is questioning our decision of not giving him ownership shares. While the kids were growing up, we referred to it as the family business and he says he believed he would always be a part of it. We thought we were doing the right thing with passing it along to our eldest son and daughter who have always been actively involved in the business, but now we’re not sure what to do.”

"Estate planning has become a puzzle. How do I equitably divide a lifetime's work among my children when their involvement in the business varies so widely?"