definition SoKa [soh-ka] noun

In line with the term "soka," which denotes 'value creation,' our focus is on generating sustainable growth and prosperity for your family enterprise.

The essence of "soka" resonates with understanding and consensus, mirroring our commitment to facilitate a shared understanding that leads to unified decision-making and collective success.

Embracing the spirit of "soka," we strive to bring simplicity to the complex interplay of family, business, and ownership systems. Our advisory services are designed to untangle complexities, providing guidance that aligns with your family enterprise's objectives and values.

Value Creation
Understanding and Agreement
Simplicity in Complexity

Parinder Gandhu is the founder of SoKa Family Enterprise services. She serves as an advisor to family enterprises seeking to navigate the complexities of the interconnected family, business, and ownership systems.

Parinder Gandhu

BA Psych, BSW, FEA